Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Safe?

Many homes use chemical drain cleaners. Because they are heavier than the water, they can sink through standing water and reach the clog. Drain cleaners are made up of substances that can break down organic matter, such as hair and grease. They can cause health problems and damage to pipes if they are used repeatedly.

What is a Chemical Drain Cleaner?

Chemical drain cleaners dissolve clogs by creating a reaction between them and the substance that is causing it. Chemical reactions are unpredictable and can have unexpected results. Chemical drain cleaners, for example, work by heating the grease to make it liquid. This will stop it from clogging. The heat reaction may continue to work for a long time if the grease is not willing to liquefy. Prolonged heat can cause further damage to your pipes.


The chemicals may still be in your system even if the drain cleaner is effective and removes the clog. The combination of chemicals can be hazardous to your plumbing system and you if the chemical drain cleaner left a trace and you then mix in another chemical. If one of the remedies that we will discuss in a later section does not work, call Goodbee Plumbing.

Chemical Drain Cleaners: Are They Safe?

Chemical drain cleaners can be harmful if they come into contact with skin, eyes, or mucous membranes. Inhaling the fumes can also cause respiratory irritation. Additionally, if not used properly, chemical drain cleaners can cause chemical burns or damage to pipes.


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