Can You Power Your Whole House with Solar? (Professional Opinion)

Solar power is becoming a hot topic among homeowners all over the United States as we realize the power that the sun can provide for our planet and homes. With that comes a few questions, one including whether or not you can power your whole home with a solar power system.

The simple answer is yes, but we’re going to go into some things that need to be considered if your goal is to power your entire property with solar panels. Let’s dive in and go over everything you need ton kow. Click here for more information

Can You Power Your Whole House With Just Solar Power?

Many homeowners who are looking into solar power and getting solar panels to wonder about if they can power their entire house with solar power by itself. The simple answer to this is yes, you can power your entire home with just solar power.

There are a ton of things to consider though before this might be possible. Because there are a few things that you need to happen for this to be possible, it’s best to ensure that your home’s property and land are suitable for powering your whole home..

What To Consider When Looking To Power Your Home With Solar

If you’re looking to power your whole house using solar energy then you need to consider a few different things. It’s not as easy as installing a few solar panels and that will help you to power your entire home, the conditions of this are necessary for it to be possible to power your whole home. 

Consider How Much Power You’ll Need

The first thing you should even consider if your goal is to rely solely on a solar power system is to find out how much power your home uses. This will help you figure out just how many solar panels you’ll need in order to produce enough energy to power your home. This will be measured most likely in kWh and this is how you’ll purchase your solar panels too.

Consider Available Sunlight

The only downside to solar energy is that it’s produced only by the sun, so if your home doesn’t get enough direct sunlight then it might not be possible at all to power your entire home with solar power.

Knowing how many hours of direct sunlight your home gets a day can help the solar power system company to figure out how many panels you’ll need based on the difference in available sunlight. Remember that combating this issue is sometimes fixable. For example, if you find that you don’t have many hours of direct sunlight due to lots of thick trees around your property then clearing out these trees can help expose your home to more sunlight. Talk with your solar company to find a solution to the lack of sunlight in the area. 

Consider Your Location 

Some locations, such as cloudy or rainy areas, may not get the best solar power benefits, especially in the winter months. With this can come problems, but looking at your region’s solar power system production capacity can help you understand if running your house fully on solar power can be possible in your location or not. 

Consider Space 

Powering your entire home can mean that you’ll need quite a few solar panels, and these large panels take up room. With that being said, you want to ensure that you have the space for your solar panels or find some way to accommodate them. Most solar panels will be placed on your home’s roof, but sometimes if there isn’t enough space then the panels can be installed on the ground. This is more expensive, but if your goal is to power your whole house without room for many on your roof, then that’s your best option.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need To Power A Whole House? 

The number of solar panels needed to power a whole house can vary based on how much power you need. On average, a home in the United States uses about 10,000 kWh per year, and for a 250 kWh panel, you’d need between 28 and 34 solar panels to power your entire home.

Be sure when deciding if you want to power your whole home with solar panels that you consider how much space you have. Some roofs are definitely big enough to house 30 solar panels, but for more difficult or smaller roof types that might not be the case. You may have to consider some ground solar panels which are a bit more pensive, but they work just the same and allow you to house more of your roof.

The Bottom Line 

Overall, powering your house using just solar energy is absolutely possible, but ensuring that the conditions are right for it is key. Especially when it comes to ensuring you’re going to purchase enough panels for the amount of power needed. If you have questions about how many panels you’ll need or if you want a professional opinion on what is possible for your home.